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Lakka and Kodi All-in-One

A Lakka (RetroArch) Retrogaming console and a fully stocked Kodi Media Center all on one unit - This add-on package turns your BTAndroid into a Retrogaming beast! It also keeps your BTAndoid Box as a Kodi Media Center on a separate side giving you a media box like no other on the market today. With over 20,000 games from the most popular Retro Consoles ever built married to the magnificent capabilities of a fully loaded Kodi Media Center!

This is the BTAndroid Dual-boot Retrogaming Add-on Pack - which turns the Raspberry Pi 4 into the ultimate entertainment center. This is a 16 gb SD card, a 256 GB USB drive, and 2 retro gaming pads that work perfectly with the BTAndroid Media Box. The SD card is a dual-boot installation of the Lakka (RetroArch) gaming build (latest version) and the Kodi Media Center (latest version).

The Kodi partition is preloaded with several of the most popular legal streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, TubiTV, and multiple other options that make this the absolute best way to enjoy all your media and the Lakka (RetroArch) partition is gaming platform magnificently customized to work with the included Zodflix loaded USB thumb drive with over 20,000 games from the most popular gaming consoles of the past.

Also included on the Lakka build are several unique customizations such as over 35 background images and Dynamic wall paper designs for Lakka installation.The classic consoles are configured and synched up to work exclusively with the Zodflix USB drive and the included retrogaming controllers that have been tested to work with the BTAndroid Media Box and any Raspberry Pi 4 unit.

The 37 consoles in the RetroKodi Add-on Pack are:

Also preloaded on the included 256 GB USB drive is a MASSIVE collection of ‘rom-hacks’ (user / community created games that are based off of pre-existing games) of popular retro games. The sets are:

The Kodi partition has the exact build and configuration that is installed on our BTAndroid Media Box.

Overall, this is what you get in RetroKodi Add-on Pack for the BTAndroid and Raspberry Pi 4 units:

  • - Top quality branded 16GB Class10 98 Mb/s Micro SD TF Card 7k-8k for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B pre-configured to dual boot Lakka Retro Gaming and Kodi Media Center installations with 15 of the most popular movie and music streaming apps, 2 IPTV apps, and multiple options (**Note: These are all legal apps and some require user accounts in order to work)
  • - 256 GB USB jump drive preloaded with over 20,000 of the best Retro Games ever made
  • - 2 Classic SNES USB gamepads for Retro Gaming

Note: Plug&Play will require some minor network configuration to start streaming

Price: $135 USD ($145 USD)

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add SD card - $25 USD

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