Preloaded, preconfigured BTAndroid Kodi SD Cards | NXMOD

Multiple Kodi SD card builds

The amazing Raspberry Pi 4 allows for SD card swapping so we offer these customized SD cards preconfigured by Zodflix which allows users to explore the magnificent world of Kodi builds with different themes and a flurry of online media streaming apps (add-ons) for movies, videos, and music.

The Kodi online community is huge and constantly produces customized Kodi builds for users to enjoy. Our Raspberry Pi 4 units use pre-configured SD cards allowing users to easily swap out Kodi operating systems of different amazing themes and apps ranging from several dozen to literally hundreds.

Kodi (formerly XBMC) is the most versatile and amazing Media Center Operating System in existence today. It is easy to use and highly configurable from online repositories (Repos) that have been set up by these open-source programmers of the Kodi Community. These Repositories store Add-ons (apps) that allow you to stream, the latest movies, music, and even Live TV, and each one can be installed to the BTAndroid Media Box with a single click!

The internet has tons of information and user guides on how to use Kodi, but here we provide SD cards pre-loaded by Zodflix that includes dozens of these add-ons already installed with awesome user interfaces and themes. With the BTAndroid Media Box you don't have to stick with a single operating system like all Android boxes, just pull out the SD card and pop in another one and...voila! A new Kodi build with different themes and thousands of options to explore.

The Kodi builds brought to you by Zodfilx that we provide are:

Every one of these builds also include the standard add-on package of the BTAndroid SD cards which are:

The 12 video streaming apps:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Instant Video
  • Prime Video (Amazon VOD)
  • Disney+
  • TubiTV
  • TubiTV Addon (for quick streaming without an account to TubiTV free movies)
  • Curiosity Stream
  • Hulu
  • PrimeWire
  • YouTube
  • Youtube Music
  • YouMusic

2 IPTV apps:

  • The Players Klub
  • PVR IPTV Simple Client

5 music streaming apps:

  • Spotify
  • TuneIn Radio
  • Youtube Music
  • Pandora

and 3 programming apps:

  • Youtube Setup
  • Indigo
  • Git Browser

These apps are included amongst the dozens of apps that a specific to any one of these builds. This is the best possible and option-rich way to stream content on the internet....we dare you to find a better way!

**Please note: these SD cards are only available as add-on purchases for the BTAndroid Media Box. They can be added to the shopping cart when buying the unit.