No Limits Magic Build the most comprehensive build for Kodi



What is No Limits Magic Build

Kodi No Limits Magic Build is presently the most popular build available on Kodi. Being one of the most complete, top working builds for Kodi, No Limits Magic build deserves its top billing in every list of the best Kodi builds.

Using the Silvo mod of the Aeon Nox 5 skin makes this great build a stunningly gorgeous centerpiece to any streaming media center and is a fun, interactive, and well thought out Build for Kodi users. The amount of content and the overall look and feel of the Build is unmatched. It features plenty of the finest add-ons ever built for Kodi and the latest collections available using video streaming plugins that work great.

The No Limits build has the latest add on collections for streaming built right in. Here are a few of the addons included:

  • Limitless
  • The Magic Dragon
  • Arrakis<
  • 7of9
  • Uranus
  • Elysium Lite
  • Death From Above
  • Wolf Pack
  • Beta Quadrant

There are several other awesome Kodi addons included as well. We offer two versions of this build - the regular and the adult version with a XXX category right in the dashboard. The No Limits Magic developers also update this build regularly to get rid of plugins that don’t work, adding more of the latest and greatest. It can also be easily integrated with Real-Debrid which gives you access to premium streams and links.

This magical Kodi build offers nearly every type of entertainment imaginable right on your home screen. Here are the categories in detail below showing the impressive collection of music and video streaming available:

This… is… Kodi! Of course you know there are going to be a ton of new movies for your entertainment. The way they are presented to you in the No Limits build makes both finding what you want and exploring for new favorites extremely easy. You can also save favorite items into select Super Favourites folders. The movie subcategories include HD, 3D, Real-Debrid , and Box Sets among many more. With the number of excellent video plugins included in the build source, there is no limit to the amount of shows provided — no need to go elsewhere for the latest show or another new video.

TV Shows
Much like the Movies category, the TV section has its sub-sections that work. Some of these are Collections, Popular, Networks, and Reality TV along with many add-ons receiving their own sections.

TV Shows Much like the Movies category, the TV section has its sub-sections that work. Some of these are Collections, Popular, Networks, and Reality TV along with many add-ons receiving their own sections.

Similar to the Movies category, getting to your favorite shows is a piece of cake. To ensure this, save shows into individual folders with the included Super Favourites addon. This plugin allows items to be saved across multiple TV addons for easy access to everything you want to keep track of.

Music If you want to chill with some streaming sounds or get a preview of your favorite artist’s new tracks, No Limits has you covered with its extensive list of Kodi content specializing in audio streaming. That’s not all this category has for music lovers, though. You can listen to many on-the-air radio stations, check out nearly unlimited music videos, and even watch live and recorded concerts from some of the biggest stars in the industry.

Live TV From live sporting matches to dropping the ball in Times Square, you’ll see it all as it happens within the Live TV category. Several plugins provide links to live streams from many broadcast networks all around the globe. The Limitless Live TV addon seems to be one of the greatest Kodi plugins for streaming live broadcasts existing today.

If you’re looking for high-quality streaming options for movies, music, TV shows, live TV, and sports, No Limits Magic Build for Kodi can be your best bet. No Limits Magic Kodi Build’s attention to detail and design is also felt throughout the build, with a sleek and subtle design.

One of its biggest strengths is that it thoughtfully loaded with a huge selection of content for you. The Build does a remarkable job of finding working streams rather quickly. This Build works smoothly, with no navigation issues, and best of all, the appearance of the build is incredible too.

This Kodi build from the No Limits team truly is Magical! One of the most well designed builds that we know about. The No Limits Magic build will take care of all your streaming needs. Unlimited entertainment is now yours upon request.



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